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Family Learning Center

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  • “My daughter benefitted greatly with this program. She has made lots of strides in social development, writing and working with textures. She has grown very attached to the teacher and teacher’s aide who provide the security and learning environment that she’s used to. She loves going to the Family Learning Center.” — Carissa

  • “My son attended the Family Learning Center for three years and the staff had him reading at a second grade level before he left. They pushed him academically despite his physical disability. They look into your child’s deficiencies and abilities to see how they can make your child the most successful they can be in life.” — Jill

  • “Our little boy was diagnosed with autism and he has nothing but benefitted from this school. He has not had one problem since going to the Family Learning Center. He has fallen in love with his teachers and all of his classmates. He interacts more with people and he is talking more. It’s been a wonderful all-around experience.” — Penny

Discover how the Family Learning Center creates a positive educational experience for your child with special needs.

Welcome to the Family Learning Center. Our preschool is an integrated program serving children 3 to 6 years old from the school districts of Tiffin, Seneca East, Old Fort and Hopewell-Loudon. Our mission is to provide a positive learning experience to both children of special needs and typically developing children.

Your son or daughter will benefit from a nurturing environment which has low teacher/pupil ratios and educational opportunities that cannot be duplicated in a larger setting. We want your child to feel safe to explore their new school setting, new materials and new relationships.

Above all, we believe a child with special needs requires the compassion, patience and understanding that only comes about from a trained and qualified staff. Our teachers work with both the children and parents to create an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and ensure a positive preschool experience. Their dedication, caring ways and professional concern will nurture your child through these formative years.

Once your child enters the Family Learning Center, they will become more self-reliant, gain pride in their own unique abilities, find a pathway to their creative potential and discover more about the exciting world around them.

Advocacy Workshops Scheduled for Parents

In today’s world of education, there are challenges for both advanced placement children and children with special needs. Even children who fall in-between can need some additional skillset to help them succeed at a higher level.

The Family Learning Center in conjunction with the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities and NCOESC have scheduled a series of workshops for parents of children with special needs. These workshops will cover preschool and K-12.

Child Development Programs and Classes

At The Family Learning Center, children with special needs will learn the skills they need to succeed in kindegarten and beyond. They will have access to the technology, accommodations and caring staff that are dedicated to their success.